You have not tried YUMI yet?

10 reasons why you are going to love us forever!

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The basis of all YUMI cosmetics is highly concentrated aloe. You can always find it on their labels as the first listed ingredient.


Over 97% of YUMI ingredients are of natural origin. You will not find any parabens, dyes, paraffin, SLS and silicones.


In addition to aloe, our cosmetics are full of other active substances – vitamins, oils, butters,
acids, plant collagen, and many others. YUMI provides nourishing cocktails for the skin!


We use aloe juice, not aloe powder.
We strive for the highest quality so that you can see the effects on your skin – as soon as after the first application!


We create recipes for thirsty skin to deeply moisturise and nourish it. We do it better than many high-end products!


We respond to the needs of demanding skin – dry, mature, prone to irritation and allergic reactions.


Natural plant and fruit extracts, and their rich fragrances make using YUMI cosmetics a pure pleasure!
You can smell them all the time – but our products will last you a long time.


We do not test on animals, and our cosmetics are vegan. We love plants and they are the basis of our cosmetics.


We have a practical approach to body care. Among our offer, you will find everyday products that you can afford. We do not want the price to be a barrier preventing access to good body care.


Our packaging with Yumik, the happy aloe, are not easily ignored – you have to smell them or at least broadly smile! We are ready to make your every day more pleasing and provide tips for self-care.
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