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Watermelon extract

Watermelon extract is an ideal ingredient for natural cosmetics. This fruit originating in Africa has gained popularity all over the world, and thanks to the difficult conditions that it had to cope with, it developed the ability to retain water. Watermelon juice contains up to 92% water, as well as many valuable ingredients with antioxidative, nutritional and anti-wrinkle properties.

These include: magnesium, folic acid, beta-Carotene and vitamins: B2, B6 and C. However, the most valuable ingredients present in watermelon are antioxidants: glutathione and lycopene. They protect cells against UV radiation, reducing the risk of erythema after excessive exposure to the sun.

Watermelon extract used in our cosmetics moisturises, softens, rebuilds the skin, and gives it a rejuvenated and rested look, while its pleasant, fruity scent soothes the senses.


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