Alantoina - stosowana w kosmetykach Yumi


Allantoin is an ideal cosmetic ingredient for people with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. It can easily be found in nature in the roots of plants such as bean, soybean, comfrey, as well as in the shells of chestnut fruits or rice husks. It absorbs moisture well, and thanks to this it has a number of positive effects. It soothes irritations, has anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties, it stimulates wound granulation, improves skin hydration and protects it. It stimulates cell division and cell growth.

Allantoin, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, reduces the symptoms of allergies, acne, and skin irritation caused by detergents – but not only the people suffering from allergies will experience its natural benefits. It regenerates the skin, leaving it silky-smooth, well-cared-for, soft and moisturised.


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