In Eastern culture, YUMI means beauty. In Western culture, yummy means something tasty. We combine caring for beauty with the juiciness of natural ingredients, creating an aloe cocktail for your skin. Thanks to YUMI, the skin is fresh, juicy, nourished and intensely moisturised.

Our cosmetics are based on aloe with 99% concentration, to which we add juicy active ingredients. We let the skin quench its thirst and allow it to draw energy from nature. Over 97% of ingredients in most of our products are of natural origin. In our cosmetics everything is thought out – we do not use ingredients about which we have any doubts.

We care about the perfect composition and fragrance of our products, and we want them to look good. All of this to make the body care a pleasure.

The YUMI brand was created in response to the growing interest in cosmetics containing aloe, and a simultaneous increase in the prices of such products. We want to be affordable so that the price would not be a barrier preventing access to good body care. We are inspired by k-beauty, the wealth of natural ingredients, and the intermingling of cosmetics and food. We like to use edible things on our skin – that is why in our products you can find aloe, pineapple, watermelon, and soon – other ingredients straight from your fridge!

We believe that only something juicy by nature can truly moisturise the skin and that plants are superfoods for beauty.

Reach for YUMI and quench your skin’s thirst!